Senior Pictures Now being Accepted - Due 12/15/2017

Seniors are allowed to submit a photo for the yearbook. The photo must be school appropriate & can be indoor or outdoor. It does not need to be done by a professional photographer. Below please find the requirements for the photo.. Please submit your photo on a cd or flash drive to the clinic. No emails will be accepted. If no photo is submitted School ID photo will be used.

  • Large
    • • 640 X 800 pixels (.8 aspect ratio).
    • This file size is not recommended for printed images greater than 12 picas by 16 picas (2 x 3 inches).
    • • 300 dpi* in the image file header
  • Vertical Orientation
  • Image labeled/type as follows:
    • Last name, First name (Smith, John)
    • We can only accept JPG files as others do not flow properly.
  • No props
  • No photographer logos/watermarks
  • School Appropriate
  • All photos must be emailed to
Please note the change in the email address above