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News from Mr. Burnside- September 23, 2022


Homecoming Week is nearly complete! Spirit Week is wrapping up and will conclude with a great community gathering for our football game vs. GMC-rival Mason, and tomorrow night we will host our annual Homecoming Dance. We are excited to be holding this memorable rite of passage for high school students. That is the main focus of this week’s T-Hawk News.

Homecoming Dance Information

At the conclusion of today’s pep assembly, we shared the following information with our students about the dance. Much of this is a repeat from last week’s T-Hawk News, but now that the dance is upon us, we want to make sure we are providing these reminders to our families as well.

  • Ticket sales end today! As we announced to our students, if they have not purchased a ticket yet, the window will be closing soon. We can no longer sell guest tickets at this point.

  • The Homecoming Dance from 8 PM to 11 PM in our stadium. The forecast for tomorrow night is for temperatures in the low 70’s at sundown and dropping to around 62 degrees at 11 PM. For people who are moving around and in a large crowd, this should be quite comfortable. 

  • However, because it will be getting cool, attendees may want to bring a jacket or something in the event that they get chilly. 

  • Spiked heels cannot be worn on the turf as they will sink in and will be a safety hazard for dancers. During most dances, many students take off shoes when going onto the dance floor. We encourage students to wear tennis shoes or comfortable dress shoes rather than going barefoot due to the fact that the turf may get damp with the evening dew. Feel free to take pictures in fancy footwear before arrival, and dress for comfort at the dance.

  • The dance is a semi-formal affair, and attendees should dress accordingly. No costumes or inappropriate outfits will be permitted. As mentioned above, we will permit jackets or sweatshirts to be worn.

  • All guests of students will need to present ID to verify that they match submitted guest forms. Guest IDs must also verify that guests are at least in high school as junior high students are not allowed to attend, and no guests over the age of 20 will be admitted. 

  • No outside food or drinks will be permitted and we will provide water. No food, drinks, or gum will be allowed on the field. 

  • No bags or backpacks will be permitted to enter the stadium, and they will not be kept or secured during the dance. Those items must be left in cars or at home.

  • Students will not be allowed to re-enter the dance. We will permit students to leave if they choose to do so. It will be up to students to communicate with their parents/guardians if they choose to leave the dance early, and if they have been dropped off, they will need to make arrangements with their rides.

  • In the event that the weather forecast changes and the dance must be moved into the gym, we will communicate via Twitter and email. Refunds will not be issued if students choose not to attend.


We are looking forward to hosting a safe and enjoyable event that provides lifetime memories for all of our students and their guests. We encourage families to support our messages to students about making safe, smart choices so that those memories do not become bittersweet.


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