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Ohio Graduation Tests - April 2024

Ohio Graduation Tests - April 2024

OST Tests


When we return from the break, we will jump right into OST testing in the subject areas listed below. As we approach this time, we encourage our families to have discussions with their students about the importance of doing their best on these tests. Not only do they provide indicators for the building and district report card, but the tests also are required for points and toward state-required seals for graduation. Thus, we are all invested in our success on these tests!

Our End of Course Testing administration will begin on Wednesday, April 3 (part 1)  and Thursday, April 4 (part 2) with the administration of the English/Language Arts II test. This test will be administered to all students in English 10 and Honors English 10 as well as juniors and seniors who still need testing points for graduation.

Tests in the following weeks will be administered in Biology, Algebra I, Geometry, US History and US Government. Students who are testing will report to school at their normal times and report to their testing locations; students who are not required to take tests will have late arrival at the times indicated on the schedule provided in the following link:

LEHS Spring 2024 End of Course Testing Schedule

  • April 3 - English/Language Arts (part 1)
  • April 4 - English/Language Arts (part 2)
  • April 10 - Geometry/Algebra I (part 1) 
  • April 11 - Geometry/Algebra I (part 2) 
  • April 16 - American History/Government (part 1 & 2)
  • April 17 - Biology (part 1)
  • April 18 - Biology (part 2)

Schedule Change for April 12

As many of our families are now aware, the Ohio State Testing site (Cambium Assessments) was down the morning of April 10, meaning our students were unable to take part one of the geometry test.  In order to get back on track and provide the appropriate testing time for our students, we will need to make adjustments to our building schedule for the remainder of the week. The biggest adjustment will be that our students who are not testing will now have a late arrival schedule on Friday, April 12. 

Below is a summary for the rest of the week as well as the actual schedules:

Today, Wednesday, April 10 – no testing but we followed the originally posted schedule since our non-testers were already slated to have late arrival.

Tomorrow, Thursday, April 11 – Students will be taking Geometry Part 1 (instead of Geometry part 2 as scheduled). Our non-testers will arrive as originally stated, and we will follow the original schedule.

Friday, April 12 – Students will complete Geometry Part 2. Non-testers will follow a late arrival schedule, but in order to maintain an instructional balance for class time, we will run a schedule that will allow students to visit all seven classes.

We appreciate your understanding and as always, if there are any questions, please contact our Main Office. 






Part 2

8:10 – 10:05


Late Arrival for Junior and Senior non-testers

Period 1

10:10 – 10:37


Period 2

10:43 – 11:10


Period 4/Lunch

11:15 – 12:55


A lunch

11:15 – 11:45


B lunch

11:50 – 12:20


C lunch

12:25 – 12:55


Period 3

1:00 – 1:27


Period 5

1:32 – 1:59


Period 6

2:04 – 2:31


Period 7

2:36 –3:00


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