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Principal's Message - March 22, 2024

Principal's Message - March 22, 2024

Hello ThunderHawk families,

Spring Break is here, and even though it does not very spring like today, the calendar states that it is officially spring, and the school calendar concurs. We wish all of our families a safe and relaxing break, and we will see everyone again on April 1.

OST Testing Schedule Begins After Spring Break

When we return from the break, we will jump right into OST testing in the subject areas listed below. As we approach this time, we encourage our families to have discussions with their students about the importance of doing their best on these tests. Not only do they provide indicators for the building and district report card, but the tests also are required for points and toward state-required seals for graduation. Thus, we are all invested in our success on these tests!

Our End of Course Testing administration will begin on Wednesday, April 3 with the administration of the English/Language Arts II test. This test will be administered to all students in English 10 and Honors English 10 as well as juniors and seniors who still need testing points for graduation. Tests in the following weeks will be administered in Biology, Algebra I, Geometry, US History and US Government. Students who are testing will report to school at their normal times and report to their testing locations; students who are not required to take tests will have late arrival at the times indicated on the schedule provided in the following link: LEHS Spring 2024 End of Course Testing Schedule

OST Incentive Pilot

In order to support our students and staff efforts in upcoming End of Course testing, Lakota East High School will be piloting a new incentive program for students this spring. During the entire year, our teachers in EOC-tested courses have been reviewing data and administering benchmarks and checkpoints to assess student readiness for these tests. All of this data is compiled and the Ohio Department of Education provides tools that provide predictions for students’ performance on these assessments. While the algorithms are quite complex, they have been researched with past data to have high reliability with regard to these outcomes, helping us prepare our students. 

At a minimum, our goal is to have all students perform at their expected level, if not higher, and to encourage students to give their best effort, we will be piloting a program this spring for all OST-tested courses. Students who perform at or above their predicted level will be exempted from taking the second semester exam in the corresponding course. It is our hope that taking this approach will help all students to perform their best and be measured based upon their past indicators as opposed to setting a standard that will not be challenging enough for some students or may be too challenging for others.

As it currently stands, all students are slated to take second semester exams so this is a bonus opportunity that all students who are taking EOC tests will have. We are certain that there are things we will learn as we engage in this process, but we hope that it sets a tone for students to give their best effort. We encourage students to speak with their teachers to make sure that they understand their goals if they have not been doing so throughout the year, and we encourage families to reach out to their students’ teachers if they have any questions as well.


Children’s Hospital Psychiatric Center Fundraiser

This past week, we held one additional Spirit Week leading into spring break in recognition of the unique efforts of one of our students. Senior Mary McLinden worked independently with Children’s Hospital to conduct a fundraiser for their Psychiatric Center.  We would love to see and appreciate all of Thunderhawk Nation to recognize her efforts for this fundraiser including making arrangements for our students to be greeted by a balloon arch provided by Firehouse Balloons. To support her efforts, we invite everyone to contribute to this very worthwhile cause. Donations can be made by visiting the following link: Cincinnati Children’s Psychiatric Fundraiser.


Mamma Mia Coming Soon

Put this on your calendar so that we can have a packed house for all four shows! On April 11-13, the T-Hawk Players will present this year’s spring musical when they present the high school version of the broadway hit Mamma Mia! They are putting the finishing touches on the scenes and the set now, and based upon the preview that was shared during Wednesday’s Light Up Lakota event, it is going to be phenomenal! Tickets are available via the QR code.

Have a great spring break,

Rob Burnside
Lakota East High School Principal

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