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Senior Update: May 11, 2022

The final full week! Lots of activities taking place with senior nights, spring concerts and celebratory activities, and all are very well deserved. We are thankful that our seniors continue to do a good job with handling their final days, and we reminded them during our meeting on Monday to keep holding things together. We discussed the right way to finish and reinforced that as the final days approach, we will reach the point where the only remaining disciplinary option available is to remove someone from the Graduation Ceremony. We reminded them that while that night is meaningful to them, it is very likely the proudest moment of their lives for the people sing in the stands that night, and we do not want them to do anything that will take that moment away from their loved ones. While that message may seem very harsh, it is a reality, and we want our seniors to keep themselves in good standing. We know that senior pranks can be a tradition at many schools, but we have often seen situations where those pranks become dangerous, disruptive to those still in school, and outright destructive, and we encourage our families to promote this same message to the Class of 2022 so that everyone enjoys these times which should be all about celebrating achievement.

Senior Meeting Follow-Up

As stated earlier, we met with our seniors on Monday to review the final week leading up to Graduation. We will be meeting with seniors again on Monday, May 16 to provide more details about Graduation Practice and the Graduation Ceremony.

Graduation Tickets…The Final Update!

In reality, we will probably continue to discuss Graduation Tickets in every mailing that we push out, but since we have announced that we are closing the ticket request form at 11:59 tonight, it is safe to say that the bulk of the information that we need to share is complete. Here is the ticket update in bullet point fashion!

  • We have 665 potential graduates, and we have received 640 requests for tickets. It is safe to assume that we have received nearly all the requests that we are going to receive, but it will stay open until our stated deadline just to be safe.
  • Great News! Based upon our requests that we have received, we can honor all requests for additional tickets that we have received!
  • We thank our families with your patience and understanding as we have worked through this process. We have been provided with a specific number by Xavier, and we wanted to ensure that we met everyone’s needs to have the maximum amount of guests based upon our number of graduates before we started giving extras and turning people away. The process worked, and we are in a good position!
  • Our next step is to send an email verifying all the requests. We will send these verifications to email address that was provided in the form, and it will state, “Dear _____, we are verifying that you have requested ____ tickets for the LEHS Graduation.” The form was supposed to be set up to send an auto-reply that we had received the request, and that did not work, but we hope the verification email will provide the assurance that families need. This process may take us a day or two to generate the final document and mail merge containing this information, so please do not panic if this verification does not arrive until Friday or Saturday.
  • We also created this process in order to help us with an efficient distribution of the tickets. Students will receive their tickets during Graduation Practice on Wednesday. We will hand them to students in the same manner that they will receive their diplomas- handshake (if appropriate) with the right hand, and the handing of the tickets/diploma cover into the left hand. We believe this will be a great way to practice and will also streamline the distribution.
  • We will remind students to check their number of tickets before they leave on Wednesday. If they have not received the correct number, we will have team members available to resolve.

Thank you to everyone who has completed the form. 

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