Senior Picture Submission Information

Senior Picture Submission Information
Posted on 09/27/2020

Senior Picture Submission

Senior Photos for the Yearbook All photos are due by the end of the day on 12/18/2020. Guidelines for submitted photos:

• Large (640 X 800 pixels (.8 aspect ratio). 300 dpi* in the image)

• Vertical Orientation

• Image labeled as follows: o Last name, First name (Smith, John)

• No props

• No photographer logos/watermarks

• We can only accept JPG files as others do not flow properly

• Photos must be school appropriate, including attire

• Photos may be submitted as flash drives or discs to room 104 or emailed to

• If no photo is submitted we will use your school ID photo (from LifeTouch)

• You will get a confirmation email once your photo is received