2nd Semester Update

2nd Semester Update
Posted on 12/11/2020

On Dec. 9, Superintendent Matthew Miller shared an update with parents and staff regarding the district's altered plans for returning to school following winter break. The slight change in the academic calendar only affects the first two weeks of second semester and is in response to a recent survey that returned mixed results regarding a return to in-person learning versus remote learning.

Through a staggered start that combines in-person and remote learning through Jan. 15, the change will allow for a more gradual return from break. This gives the district time to monitor the COVID-19 trends among our students and staff. It also takes us further from the holidays when increased social gatherings may result in a spike of positive cases, a trend the district has seen in recent extended breaks. Athletics will continue during this time as normal.

During winter break, parents are encouraged to report any positive COVID-19 tests in their household directly to the Butler County Health Department. Without students in class, the BCHD will need to complete the appropriate contact tracing. Please click here to view Mr. Miller’s complete letter regarding the district’s return for second semester.

Remote Learning Tips: January 5th - January 15th

We are starting the year remotely in January. This presents a number of challenges, whether your course is a yearlong course or you will begin a new course in January. We want to provide you with some goals and guidance to ensure your success at the start of the new semester. 

Use this resource to help aid students during remote learning 

Four Tips for Schooling at Home 



  • Log into Canvas and click into ALL of your courses for second semester
    • Make sure you have access to all the courses you will need for that first day.
  • Check your student email
  • Look for a welcoming message from your teacher (Canvas announcement, video or email)
    • This will give you guidance on the expectations for the week
  • Navigate through each course to access content
  • Communicate with your teacher if you are struggling.
  • Set up a schedule and a place to work with few distractions
  • Pace out your work for the week 

TIPS: If you are having problems with your Lakota Chromebook... 

  • Restart your Chromebook.  
  • If restarting does not fix the issue, click the WEareEMPOWERED logo on your Onelogin screen.


Tips to help your student be successful:

  • Ask them what classes they have or are taking in the new semester
  • Ask them if they have logged into Canvas.and if they can access the materials they need for the week. 
  • Check your email and Canvas page to see a welcoming message from the teachers. 
  • Follow up with your student throughout the week to make sure they are pacing their work and have turned in assignments as they complete them. 
If students are having issues with the Lakota issued Chromebook, they should first restart their Chromebook.  If the issue continues, the students should click the WEareEMPOWERED logo on their Onelogin screen