Lakota East Theater Presents: A Night of One Acts!

Lakota East Theater Presents: A Night of One Acts!
Posted on 10/13/2021

Lakota East Theater Presents: A Night of One Acts!  The Theater department will perform 2 One-act shows on October 23rd at 7:00 pm, one presented by the Acting 2/3 class and the other performed by Thunderhawk Theater Troupe actors!  Up first the Acting 2/3 class one-act:

Miss Polly’s Institute for Criminally Damaged Young Ladies Puts on A Show by Don Zolidis is a parody of teachers…teenagers…Hamlet.  “Miss Mylenbush, the semi-hysterical head of the theatre department at Miss Polly’s is about to put on the greatest tragedy ever written: Hamlet.  The trouble is, her actors are a bunch of teenage girls teetering between delusions of grandeur and criminally insane behavior.  When her actors revolt against her autocratic direction and decide to stage the play their way, disturbing hilarity ensues.”

Followed by:

Space Princess Wars by Don Zolidis! It’s a tale as old as a time. A son home sick. A concerned mother reading him a story to help him feel better, only her story is her ginormous epic screenplay, “SPACE PRINCESS WARS,” which is also a tale as old as time – a kidnapped Space Princess, a simple farm boy seeking to rescue his true love, laser sword fights, gigantic monsters, and killer robots. If it all seems a bit familiar, that’s simply because she’s writing an homage to other, older, better movies. A fast-paced, wild adventure comedy with spaceships, singing cats, vicious teddy bears and cyborgs.

Tickets are $5 for General Admission and are available online at: and at the door on the night of the show!