Spirit Week for Sadie Hawkins

Spirit Week for Sadie Hawkins
Posted on 01/08/2022

National Honor Society will be hosting our annual Sadie Hawkins Dance on January 29th from 8-11pm which is only a few weeks away!  The theme is Disney.  The dance is semi-formal, and everyone is encouraged to participate in Disney Bounding!  Dress up as your favorite Disney, Marvel, or Star Wars character without wearing a costume.  For example, you can wear a yellow dress to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast or a red and blue shirt to be Spider-Man.  Tickets go on sale online Monday, January 10th for $20!  A password is required for purchasing tickets (use the last 5 digits of your student ID).

In order to obtain a guest ticket, you must complete the guest form. Forms are available in the Main Office.

Once the guest form is completed and returned to the
Cashier’s Office (on Main Street), the student will be issued a passcode to purchase their guest ticket. Guest forms are due by 2:00 PM on Thursday, January 27th.  All students must show an ID to enter the dance.  We hope you will “Be Our Guest” at Sadie Hawkins!